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Window and Door Contacts


Window and Door Contacts


In every home, the exit and entry points are the most vulnerable to burglars. To a thief, a door or a window that isn't secure is simply an invitation to come inside. Door contacts — also known as contact sensors, entry sensors, or window sensors — are a necessary, integral part of your smart home security system.

What Are Door Contacts?

A door contact will trigger an alarm when doors, windows, gates, cabinets or other entrances are opened.  Being composed of two parts (example: one part on the door frame, and the other on your door)... the sensor becomes separated when a door is opened, so the alarm goes off.  

When a security system is armed, it does feature a slight delay before the alarm is fully activated. This way, homeowners have time to disarm the system with a keypad or security panel when they arrive home.

Keep burglars out of your home and provide extra security for your family by installing door contacts today. If you're interested, please contact IE Smart Security today at 678-224-7889.