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Security Blinds and Shades


Security Blinds and Shades

Whether you’re guarding against intrusion, burglary or natural calamities, IE Smart Security recommends the use of blinds and shades to complete your home’s security system.

Smart security shades can be adjusted automatically with a motor, and they can be moved simultaneously or one-by-one depending on what you're trying to accomplish. Security shades are also built stronger and tougher than average blinds, withstanding strong winds, hail, rain, and debris.

Perhaps most importantly, shades protect your home with privacy.  When thieves aren't able to see inside your house, the risk of them trying to break in goes down considerably.  

Consider installing shades that are made with security in mind.  IE Smart Security can help you choose the right type of blinds for any situation and install them properly. Contact us today and give us a call at 678-224-7889 to get started.