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Motion Sensors


Motion Sensors


Installing motion sensors in your home is one of the most effective ways to prevent burglaries and break-ins.  Intruders have to move throughout the house in order to get what they came for, so a device that detects motion is crucial to your security system. 

Smart Ways to Utilize Motion Sensors

While IE Smart Security would install motion sensors primarily to catch intruders, these devices have other potential uses as well. 

Some other ways you might utilize a motion sensor:

  • Save energy by using motion sensor lighting for empty rooms
  • Trigger the doorbell when someone’s at the door
  • Know when your pets are trying to escape
  • Detect when kids enter a room or place where they shouldn't be, such as the master bedroom, office, basement, or a workout room
  • Be alerted if your teenager tries to sneak out past curfew

IE Smart Security Placement

Your security system should be smart, and if sensors are placed without proper planning---they could be rendered useless. We would position your motion sensors in the most unlikely places (where thieves wouldn't expect them to be) while still covering the widest area possible.  Effective placement is the key to an effective security system.  

There are, however, some places to avoid when thinking about where your motion sensors will go.

Places You Should Avoid

  • Close to a window – if the motion sensor is heat-activated, a hot day could trigger the alarm.  Also, if placed directly across from a window, the alarm could go off when anything blocks the light. 
  • Near a Heat Source – motion sensors shouldn't be installed near radiators or hot air vents. Whenever the heater activates, your sensor could mistake that heat for an intruder and trip the alarm.
  • Directly opposite a door entry point – infrared sensors operate by assessing changes in temperature or infrared lighting, and they need a wide-area view to work correctly.

If you're interested in protecting your home with extra security, contact IE Smart Security today.