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Glass Break Detectors


Glass Break Detectors

Locks and sensors on your windows and doors are essential, but they aren't good enough.  Every thief knows that a glass window is the easiest access into your home because glass is, unfortunately,very easy to break.   You need to install Glass Break Detectors so you can be sure intruders will get caught by your security system.

You see, once a criminal shatters a window and climbs inside, they haven't triggered the window sensor because that only happens when the window is pried open.   Without a Glass Break Detector installed, a thief can just "smash and grab" your valuables and leave.  

How Does It Work?

A glass break detector activates once a pane of glass is shattered using a microphone. When a certain vibration frequency is reached, noise is analyzed by the detector.

Narrowband microphones are set to the specific range of frequencies caused by glass shattering, so when that specific sound is made, your alarm is immediately activated. Glass break detectors are highly recommended for homes with sliding doors, large windows, or doors decorated with stained glass.

Maximizing Security

A Glass Break Detector becomes more effective when used in alliance with motion sensors. Even if the burglar gets inside, a well-placed motion sensor will activate the alarm, calling the police and alerting you at once.  

When thieves know your home is protected by a smart security system, your risk of burglary goes down significantly.  Even the most determined thief is less inclined to even try if he sees an excellent security setup.

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